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The threat of viruses and bacteria has never been greater in our lives than it is today. Everyone, everywhere – at home and at work – is constantly aware of the need for cleanliness and disinfection. Now you can enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing that you have done more to take care of your health and the people around you.

Clean the Mask device will treat your mask with ultraviolet light, which will prolong the period of using the mask and will be able to protect you from external bacteria, viruses, including Covid-19.

It has been proven that this powerful light technology makes cleaning at a completely new level, destroying up to 99.9% of harmful germs and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2





Clean air, water and clean surfaces are important for our health and well-being. Tested sterilization and cleaning technology neutralizes bacteria, bacterial spores, molds, yeasts and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2. Our UV-C range solutions allow you to better control the quality of your breathing air, giving you the strength to fight the invisible.

UV-C radiation from high-energy UV-C lamps travels in the wavelength range from 200 to 280 nm which is very versatile and can be used to kill harmful microorganisms on surfaces and in the air. With UV-C technology, more than 99.9% of all pathogens can be destroyed in a matter of seconds, without the addition of chemicals, the technology has no harmful side effects and is an inexpensive solution that is very efficient and reliable.

High ability
to emit
UVC rays

UV-C wave
length 254 nm

Does not
pollute air

in Latvia

on walls
or bases

100% RoHS


10 - 15 kg

Good to know

UV-C, a form of high-energy ultraviolet radiation, absorbs DNA and RNA from biological organisms. It stimulates the formation of thymine dimers, which in large numbers disrupt the cell replication process and leave microorganisms (such as bacteria and fungi) and viruses unable to reproduce or cause damage. UV-C also absorbs proteins. This causes the cell walls rupture and can cause the death of the organism, which protects their DNA with thick cells. UV-C is often called the germicides (bactericidal) radiation because it can neutralize the microorganisms.
Yes. In fact, the pathogen COVID-19 is particularly vulnerable to UV-C exposure because it does not form colonies and is spread by small droplets of body fluid. UV-C light penetrates these droplets of body fluid, destroying SARS-CoV-2 virus DNA and RNA.
Bactericidal lamps are low-pressure lamps that emit mercury line radiation mainly in the shortwave ultraviolet range. They are very promising, environmentally friendly alternatives to chemical treatment processes. They do not use chemicals and are environmentally friendly.
The antibacterial effect of the lamp is based on an extraordinarily strong maximum radiation at 254 nm. They effectively kill harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, spores, yeasts, algae, protozoa and fungi in the air and on surfaces.